Role of the Collaborative Coach

      All conflicts and disputes, including divorce, are emotional as well as legal and financial. The Collaborative Process addresses each of these areas with professionals who have the particular training and focus to assist you. The typical Collaborative Team consists of a Collaborative Attorney for each spouse as well as a neutral Divorce Coach. Additionally, a Collaborative Financial professional and sometimes a Child Specialist can be important members of the team.


      The Collaborative Divorce Coach works as a neutral professional who helps to support both spouses and to create a safe place to explore goals and reach resolution. The coach assists in the management of emotions and effective communication to help to avoid pitfalls and roadblocks that might otherwise slow down the process and cause undue time and expense.


      The Divorce Coach is a licensed mental health professional who provides coaching through the divorce process focusing on goals and moving beyond divorce, rather than therapy which focuses on the past and on diagnosable conditions. As a member of the collaborative team, the coach helps to facilitate the meetings and the team interactions to reduce the level of conflict and encourage the constructive discussion of interests, goals and options for resolution.


      The role of the Divorce Coach is to help manage the intense feelings that naturally occur, allowing for a more full and healthy participation in discussion, problem solving, and making the important decisions regarding finances, parenting, etc. that need to be made in the process. Many participants report that they learn valuable communication skills that they use in co-parenting or in other relationships.