About Us

      In light of the growing understanding of the long term effects of parental conflict on children, and the myriad indignities inherent in the court process, enlightened couples across America have been demanding a more reasoned, civilized and compassionate process for resolving their conflicts. In response to that need, professionals of various disciplines have banded together to create a new approach to dispute resolution, called the Collaborative Process.

      Collaborative Solutions North is an association of like-minded professionals who are committed to assisting individuals in working through their differences without going to court. This includes divorcing couples and parents, as our core constituency, but also can apply to heirs, businesses and others in conflict.

We use the Collaborative Process in our work. Collaboration involves:

  1. each side explaining what is important to him or her in the future;
  2. gathering information about what resources are available to meet both parties’ reasonable objectives;
  3. identifying multiple options to utilize the known resources to meet the parties wants and needs; and
  4. making rational choices among the options so that each party can attain most of what he or she feels is most important.

      The process has been proven to work well, even for couples who have clashed for years. We assist the parties in having a new conversation about issues they have been unable to resolve through a seemingly endless process of mutual blaming and accusation. Our professionals respect the strong feelings of hurt, rejection and anger that are present in virtually every conflict. However, we work hard, using proven techniques, to prevent those negative emotions from driving the parties to self-destructive choices.

      Through specialized professional training we have learned new approaches and practices  which we use to help our clients through their major life transitions in a more private, civil, respectful manner, minimizing the negative impact on the family.

We exist to help those in the Pittsburgh area who agree with us that FAMILIES DON’T BELONG IN COURT.



      Interested parties may schedule a free thirty minute consultation to learn more about the Collaborative Process for resolving disputes such as divorce. Contact any of our members at the numbers below.

Mark A. Criss, Esquire of the Law Office of Mark A. Criss – Collaborative Attorney (724) 776-5730.

Lori Gephart, M.A. of North Hills Psychological Associates, Inc. – Collaborative Coach (724) 759-7514

Brooke B. McMorrow, Esquire of McMorrow Law, LLC – Collaborative Attorney (724) 940-0100

Lisa Standish, Esquire of the Law Offices of Lisa Standish – Collaborative Attorney (724) 719-0612

Call today to learn more about how you can keep your family out of court and come to a resolution that will work for the whole family.